Since 2008, the Clean Health Fitness Institute has been regarded as Australia’s premiere fitness industry educator and personal training organisation. Having certified over 10,000 personal trainers and fitness professionals in over 13 countries, we have developed a reputation as pioneers in the health and fitness industry worldwide across all areas of health and fitness including nutrition, training, marketing, fitness business and more.

Philosophy and Vision

Learn. Evolve. Grow.

These three words encompass the foundation of what our company is all about.

At the Clean Health Fitness Institute, we believe that to truly harness your full potential you must be willing to approach life with a lifelong desire to learn. With learning comes knowledge. This allows one to evolve into something greater than they were before. This in turn allows us to grow in ways that at a time, we may never have thought possible.

By instilling this philosophy in every student we encounter, we strive to raise the standards of fitness professionals around the world.

Our Values

  • To provide exceptional customer experience to every student we encounter
  • To ensure that you learn skills that will enable you to reach the forefront of your chosen career path in the fitness industry
  • To strive for self-improvement and be at the forefront of the fitness industry so that you gain leading edge knowledge
  • To lead by example inside and outside of the gym as fitness professionals and role models to our colleagues within the fitness industry

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise the standards of the fitness industry globally. We are laser focused to ensure that when you complete one of our courses, you’ll be taught the skills you need to become part of the next generation of industry leading fitness professionals and personal trainers.

An overview of our company is as follows…

Commercial Gym Business


Founded in 2008 by Daine McDonald, the company started as a personal training organization at St Leonards Fitness First on Sydney’s North Shore in Australia. Over the next 3 years it would develop a national reputation as being a leader when it came to results based personal training.


In 2010, due to constant requests, Daine commenced teaching personal trainers from around Sydney in his own private internships. Over the next two years this led to fitness professionals from around Australia flying down to Sydney to complete the original Clean Health Trainer Internship Level 1 program.


In 2011, the company hires its first staff and by the middle of 2012, has over 10 personal trainers working out of 3 different commercial gyms across Sydney’s North Shore and CBD doing over 250 personal training sessions per week.

First Fixed Facility Site


In 2012, Daine opens the Clean Health Performance Centre on Kent St in Sydney’s CBD. Over the next 5 years he would grow this business to average over 400 personal training sessions per week, completing over 100,000 personal training sessions during this period. At its peak, the gym had a team of over 40+ staff including 25 personal trainers.



From 2012-2015, the company developed an international reputation as industry leaders and had some of the highest profile industry professionals from around the world either teach or associate with the company such as Charles Poliquin, Dmitry Klokov, IFBB Pro Ben Pakulski, IFBB Pro Milos Sarcev, Phil Learney, Dr Bob Rakowski, Dr Mark Schauss along with many of the top professionals from within Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.


In 2014, Clean Health Education launches interstate teaching its’ first ever 7-day internship in Melbourne at 5EW, which today is one of that city’s premiere gyms. By the end of 2014, we had taught in Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland and Montreal having done over 18 seminars that year alone, which equalled the total of the previous 3 years.

Growth of CHFI Education


In 2015, Daine leads an aggressive expansion of the education side of the business which leads by the end of the year the company conducing over 50 seminars around the world with such industry notables like Charles Poliquin and Dmitry Klokov. This included teaching in every major capital city within Australia including the United Kingdom, Canada, USA, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Germany and Sweden in over 15 major cities.

In 2015, our certification programs and associated short courses taught to over 1500 students that year were the all new company certification programs, which are the Performance PT and Performance Nutrition coach certifications.

In late 2015, with the focus of the company moving towards education, the company rebrands to the Clean Health Fitness Institute and opens a second state of the art location in Chatswood which is today the company HQ. It is complete with classrooms and facilities to act as an education centre with a gym.

Two Fixed Sites & Launch of RTO


In 2016, with two operational sites in Sydney CBD (Gym only) and Chatswood (Education centre and gym), the company becomes an accredited RTO provider with Australian government approval, allowing it to certify people to become personal trainers with no industry experience via the Certificate III & IV in Fitness program. It also continues to expand its reach throughout Australia and Asia, teaching for the first ever time at Filex to over 200 personal trainers along with Singapore and Kuala Lumpur to another 200 plus fitness professionals as some of the highlights of that period.

At the end of 2016, the company sells its original gym only location on Kent St in Sydney’s CBD to Ultimate Performance Global, allowing it to consolidate its focus and resources

Growth of the World’s Leading
Fitness Industry Educators



After consolidating the business from gyms and education into a stronger focus on education, the company commences a rapid expansion of its course offerings around the world. Over this two-year period we have taught alone over 4000 students in places such as Hong Kong, Kuwait, Dubai, Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Perth, Manchester, Chicago to name a few.

We create new course offerings in one- or two-day formats including the sell-out seminar series ‘The Art of Gen Pop Transformations’ and ‘Building the Ultimate PT business’, which expand upon our core PNC and PPT certification offerings allowing fitness professionals to really refine their niche as personal trainers.


With 2019 now upon us, we will continue to change the game when it comes to fitness industry education with some innovative new offerings coming including the complete digitisation of our entire course offerings online, allowing our methods to be more easily accessible to students from around the world.