Why Lauren Killey?

Lauren has been in the fitness industry for over six years and has competed in a total of eleven bikini competitions in both the INBA and WBFF Federations, during which she acquired her pro card in the WBFF as a Bikini Pro.

This personal experience has provided her with extensive knowledge in physique transformations for general population and athletes alike, along with nutrition coaching for fat loss.

She is passionate about female health and helping women new to training learn how to eat and move the right way.

Lauren is currently available for Face-to-Face Sessions in our Chatswood Facility or alternatively for Online Coaching sessions.

Client Coaching & Transformations

Our Program's Include:

Lifestyle Assessment

We will assess your personality profile to ascertain exactly who you are so that we can coach you for success, along with past and current lifestyle influences. This may involve referring you to your local doctor for blood or other functional medicine tests to identify any underlying conditions.

Training Program

Your training program with detailed descriptions on how to execute the program – modified roughly every 3-4 weeks depending on your goals and requirements available via our online platform.


Nutrition Audit

We will educate you and provide a tailored diet based off your current body composition and goals. This is delivered via our online iNutrition Pro application which is calorie and macro specific, and easily accessible anywhere, anytime!


Ongoing Support

You will receive ongoing support from your coach, who will be recommended and selected based upon your goals, needs and personality. This includes weekly check-ins and adjustments to your program, made accordingly for continuous progress.